The 14 Worst Types Of People You Meet At The Gym

After The Whistle

1. Captain Lazy

Dumbbells scattered across the floor and a fully stacked barbell of weights on the squat rack – Captain Lazy has struck again. The victim? The PT team or gym members who have to clean up afterwards.

Why are they a problem?
Apart from being a health and safety nightmare for everyone, it wastes workout time looking for equipment that’s not in the right place. It also angers the person who has to unload the bar and put the weights away.

2. The Grunting Growler

Beast mode activate. Whilst there is some science behind an expulsion of air and noise during a maximum effort lift, the Grunting Growlers go too far by repeatedly mimicking the thundering sounds of an angry T-Rex.

Why are they a problem?
There’s a worry the noises are actually dinosaur mating calls and the worlds not quite ready for human-dino relations. Loud roaring is annoying for everyone…

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