How to Lubricate Your Treadmill Walking Belt

Does your treadmill belt hesitate a little bit with every step? Is your belt too noisy than when it was new?

To ensure maximum life of your treadmill, proper maintenance is must do. First see owner’s manual regarding lubrication or other treadmill maintenance. Generally treadmills should be lubed twice a year.

It’s important to keep your treadmill in good condition so that it maintains strong performance and doesn’t interrupt your daily exercising routine. As long as you treat your treadmill with proper lubrication, you can keep your treadmill running well for years to come.

Lube the treadmill with right product. Use non-petroleum based lubricants such as wax or 100% silicone or preferred lubrication by manufacturer. Some machines require specific lubrication.

Here are steps how to lubricate and how often it would be lubed.

  • For proper lubrication pull the running belt away from the deck with one hand and insert the silicone spray nozzle underneath the running belt with other hand and spray the silicone to the center of the belt.
  • Follow this step spraying up and down both sides of the belt, applying about one-oz of 100% Silicone lubricant.
  • Now rotate the belt with hand to one half a revolution so that you can reach the part of the belt which was not lubricated; after that, repeat the lubrication process.
  • When you have done with the lubrication process, run the tread for 4-5 minutes at 3-4 mph, so that lubricant will distribute across the belt and deck. During lubricating the belt, make sure that the tread is located on a surface that can be easily cleaned.

After lubrication, clean the excess silicone off the belt and frame. I recommend that you can use a mild detergent to remove all dirt and salt from belt and painted parts.


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